How to choose a type of a hostel in Moscow You need?

In the capital market of real estate of dormitories and hostels occupy a large separate niche. The number of hostels for workers in Moscow are long over 300 (and this is only according to official statistics), and how not to get lost in the variety? What questions to ask the operator answering the call to learn all the necessary information? Let’s see!

On the Moscow market are apartment-like dormitories, hotel type, student dormitory. Last we will not be considered, because if you are not a student of a University, the chance to live in the student hostel in Moscow is extremely small.

Apartment-like dormitories are the most ordinary apartment in an ordinary apartment building with bunk beds in the rooms. Cleaning in such hostels mainly for yourself, guests, or once a week comes a cleaning lady, hired by the owner (and sometimes the owner himself acts as cleaners). Video surveillance in such hostels are often missing as safes, storage, security, etc. In this regard, in the hostels of apartment type very often there are thefts, drunkenness, fights and other «charms» of life. More recently, dormitories, hostels and hotels forbidden to organize in the housing stock ( i.e. apartment buildings) the law of the Russian Federation. Therefore, don’t be surprised if in this hostel You will not make the check, and for any test by the police You can put on the street. So the first question is to clarify when choosing a hostel: «which hostel?» .

The second type of dormitories – hotel type. Often, these dorms are quite impressive in size and may possess a large number of rooms to suit all tastes. The hostel prescribed by law and in confirmation of this Dorm must be a certificate of conformity. If it is missing, then the hostel is not verified and is likely to be illegal, which is fraught with problems for You as a guest. So the second question that must be clarified «is There a hostel hotel status «unrated» and the right to accommodation of people.»

The hostel, in turn, are divided into family hostels, dormitories for workers, and are of a mixed type and have rooms as large capacity and separate family rooms.

In hostels of hotel type of our network is carried out daily wet cleaning of all rooms, public spaces and adjacent territory. Cleanliness and order are the hallmark of our network. So in our network there is a strict prohibition, there is video surveillance, there are safes for valuables.

The hostel can be corridor and block. What does it mean? Dorm hallway – this is where all amenities such as kitchen, showers and toilets are located on the same floor. Block of the hostel is a dormitory, consisting of small blocks. The unit can be several rooms, toilet and kitchen. These dormitories are fairly rare, however, in our network there is one such – a dormitory at the Volgograd prospectus (

The next question should be to ask the operator a question about extra services – washing machines, bedding, hot water, utensils etc. That You knew exactly what the objects of everyday life in the Dorm is, and what should take a trip to Moscow. From myself I will add that in our hostels have a washing machine, dryers, irons and Ironing boards, electric kettles, microwave ovens, water dispensers, kitchen utensils for cooking, pillows, blankets, mattresses, bed linen, free Internet. In some hostels of our network additionally, there are sports facilities for guests with exercise equipment and sports facilities.

There were three main issues that should definitely ask the operator on the phone when selecting a hostel. Other parts, for example, price, distance from the subway, and

You can check at its discretion.

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